13 January 23

A Pair of Shoes

line drawing of a pair of saddle shoes on a small girl's feet. The Golden Gate Bridge and Mount Tamalpais are in the background.

I’ve been attending some of the Friday comics workshop from SAW (the Sequential Artists Workshop). Today’s was about Creating Place. We were asked to loosen up by drawing a pair of shoes, either ours of a character’s.

I drew a pair of saddle shoes I inherited at age 4 from a neighbor in our house in Marin County, California. They seemed huge after all my other shoes, grown up and sturdy. I loved them, scuffed though they were.

The next exercise was to draw where these shoes might take us. For me this was past the pebbled swimming pool and playhouse down to the end of the garden, where my imaginary friends Veggie and Kenner lived. I wanted them to come with us to Spain, where we would be heading soon. I must have been anxious enough about the trip to have wanted the company of friends.

I think they did come — I have a vague recollection of talking to them in our new house north of Madrid. But at some point they must have drifted off back across the miles to their tree in a Tiburon garden. I hope you made other friends afterwards, guys.

six-panel comic of a garden with a tree at the bottom. A small girl in a smocked dress is talking to two imaginary friends that live in or by the tree, trying to persuade them to come with the family to Spain.

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