The Magpie Nest

Gleanings and other shining things


Bird by Bird
Pica’s foray into the practice of drawing a bird a day, hosted on this blog from 2007–2013
Pica/Alison is a graphic recorder and facilitator. This is her web page as a visual practitioner.
Alison has a strong interest in visualizing end-of-life issues and has been working in a collaborative way with a group of scribes interested in this work.
Comics Portfolio
Alison's February 2024 portfolio of comics drawn between 2021 and 2024.
A yellow-billed magpie tending their nest


Pica & Numenius

Feathers of Hope

A joint blog written by Pica and Numenius started in 2003 and flourishing through 2015, now being resurrected in 2023

Ecotone Wiki

The archive of a collaborative space to think, write, draw, photograph, and otherwise ponder on the nature of place. 2003–2005

The Digital Garden

Pica and Numenius, inspired by Maggie Appleton, have decided to curate their digital offerings, personal and professional, in an online space. Sometimes this is neat and tidy, but mostly not.

About us

Pica takes her cue from Pica nuttalli, the endemic magpie of central California, chatty and alighting on gleaming things.

Numenius is a geographer by training and temperament. He is a Bay Area native, and grew up roaming the East Bay hills.