28 June 09

Wet and Humid

I’m in Maine, where my mother is recovering from surgery. Posts will be sporadic from here so I’m going to leave you in the hands of Numenius for a while.

Singing, now, outside this window, are birds I used to know well and which I now need to really pay attention to identify. They include the Maine dialect of song sparrow, a winter wren, thrasher — I’ll try and sketch some for Bird by Bird as I get more time. A pair of ospreys was flying over the trees outside the hospital window yesterday…

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  1. Keep us posted on Mom, OK? I’m sorry to hear this news. More details whenever you have time.
    Love to you all.

    Gainor    1. July 2009, 01:13    Link
  2. Hope your mother is okay. And you too.

    CdV    7. July 2009, 15:14    Link

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