27 March 13

Feathers of Hope Turns Ten

Beth and Alison, pen and wash in 2003, not long after we had started out on Feathers of Hope, I came across a blog by an interesting woman in Vermont. Beth of the Cassandra Pages quickly became one of my go-to places, and through her, I discovered lots of other like-minded bloggers. We started the Ecotone Wiki for bloggers about place, which sadly succumbed to hackers and is no more. But I have kept in close touch with a lot of blogging friends from those days.

On this incredible train journey across the continent, I’ve even seen some of them. I type this in an Arabic restaurant above the rue Sainte-Catherine in Montreal, across from Beth. Ten years after we first met in Vermont. I’ve spent time in Plummer’s Hollow with Dave of Via Negativa, I’ve seen Leslee of 3rd House Journal Lorianne of Hoarded Ordinaries, partners on this journey.

Our posting on the blog has slowed way down. Sometimes I wonder whether its time is over. But the blog serves a different function than every other type of social media I can think of. I think a blog is an ideal venue for sketches, for instance.

Thank you to Numenius for joining me on this journey. Wish you were here. Thanks for holding down the fort while I peregrinate.

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  1. Congratulations on your 10th too, like Beth’s. I think I found your blog via Dave or Beth and have followed you and the others about 9 years. How wonderful too to take this train journey to visit friends and family! Hope you’ll keep on going with the blog and showing your sketches, Pica.

    marja-leena    27. March 2013, 20:02    Link
  2. I think I found your blog before I got your email from Derek S. I too wonder about the future of blogging, but regularly read, and appreciate, yours and about four others. I would miss them, so please keep it up.

    Helen Curran    28. March 2013, 06:08    Link
  3. Thanks for providing this peaceful, colorful web log for ten years, Pica. It continues to be a joy for me to read your writing and view your sketches and watercolors.

    Peter    30. March 2013, 20:11    Link
  4. I too have always followed your blog and enjoyed every adventure and drawing you guys have posted over these past years. Some of us are so buried in our own lives we can only live vicariously through the magic of blogs…I hope they don’t die. I do not like Facebook very much and find this communication much more intimate! Wish you could travel this way sometime. My life is very much on a short string these days and travel for me is not in the near future. Much love to both of you.

    Gainor    2. April 2013, 19:38    Link
  5. Belated congrats on the 10th anniversary of stories, sketching, kittens and knitting! You inspired me to start blogging 9 years ago. It’s becoming a struggle to find the time to keep writing, but I’m determined to make it to the 10 year milestone too. Keep up the good work!

    rjhall    29. May 2013, 21:08    Link

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