28 September 12


Fortunata y Jacinta, first night I’ve wanted chickens for the longest time, ever since before I started caring for the ones across the road. When a friend of Robin’s mentioned she was looking for a home for some, I volunteered.

Eglu omlet chicken coop The coop, an English chicken tractor of very ingenious design, was a big incentive. We have turkeys, coyotes, raccoons, possums, at least five hawks, owls, dogs, cats, etc. willing to get at them and I needed to have a way they could be safe, at least until they figure out what’s up.

I’ve named them Fortunata y Jacinta, from the Galdós novel of the same name. Fortunata is the Ameraucana, right up top, lays light green eggs, flashy, tetona, brash. Jacinta is the more delicate Faverolle, who made a beeline for the bare patch and promptly turned it into a dust bath.

Happy to have them here. Chickens keep it real.

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