5 May 08

The Texas List

Sam Naill's ranch, Big Bend Hill Country, Big Bend, Davis Mountains

April 17-27, 2008

Here’s my bird list. I have placed an asterisk next to those I managed, however meagerly, to sketch… The three life birds are in all caps.

Black-bellied whistling-duck
Scaled quail
Montezuma quail*
Great blue heron
Great egret
Cattle egret
Yellow-crowned night-heron*
Black vulture
Turkey vulture*
Sharp-shinned hawk
Cooper’s hawk
Gray hawk
Common black-hawk*
Harris’s hawk
Red-shouldered hawk
Broad-winged hawk
Swainson’s hawk*
Zone-tailed hawk
Red-tailed hawk
Crested caracara
American kestrel
Rock pigeon
Eurasian collared dove
White-winged dove*
Mourning dove
Inca dove*
Common ground-dove*
Greater roadrunner*
Western screech-owl
Elf owl
Lesser nighthawk
Common poorwill
Chuck-will’s widow
White-throated swift*
Blue-throated hummingbird
Lucifer hummingbird*
Ruby-throated hummingbird
Black-chinned hummingbird*
Ringed kingfisher*
Green kingfisher*
Acorn woodpecker*
Golden-fronted woodpecker*
Ladder-backed woodpecker*
Hairy woodpecker
Olive-sided flycatcher
Common black-hawk Western wood-peewee
Cordilleran flycatcher*
Black phoebe
Eastern phoebe
Say’s phoebe*
Vermilion flycatcher*
Ash-throated flycatcher
Brown-crested flycatcher
Cassin’s kingbird
Western kingbird*
Scissor-tailed flycatcher*
Loggerhead shrike
White-eyed vireo
Bell’s vireo
Gray vireo
Yellow-throated vireo
Hutton’s vireo
Red-eyed vireo
Western scrub-jay
Santa Elena Canyon Mexican jay*
Chihuahuan raven
Common raven*
Purple martin
Tree swallow
Violet-green swallow
Northern rough-winged swallow
Cliff swallow
Cave swallow*
Barn swallow
Carolina chickadee
Black-crested titmouse*
Red-breasted nuthatch
Cactus wren*
Rock wren
Canyon wren
Carolina wren
Bewick’s wren
House wren
Blue-gray gnatcatcher*
Black-tailed gnatcatcher
Eastern bluebird
Western bluebird
Hermit thrush
Northern mockingbird*
Long-billed thrasher*
Curve-billed thrasher
Crissal thrasher*
European starling
American pipit
Cedar waxwing
Orange-crowned warbler
Nashville warbler
Scott's Oriole Yellow warbler
Yellow-rumped warbler
Townsend’s warbler
Black-and-white warbler
Common yellowthroat
Hooded warbler*
Painted redstart
Yellow-breasted chat
Summer tanager
Western tanager
Green-tailed towhee
Spotted towhee
Canyon towhee*
Cassin’s sparrow*
Rufous-crowned sparrow*
Chipping sparrow*
Clay-colored sparrow*
Brewer’s sparrow
Field sparrow
Black-chinned sparrow
Vesper sparrow
Lark sparrow*
Birds at Davis mountains Black-throated sparrow*
Grasshopper sparrow
Lincoln’s sparrow
White-throated sparrow
Dark-eyed junco
Northern cardinal*
Black-headed grosbeak*
Blue grosbeak
Indigo bunting
Varied bunting*
Painted bunting
Red-winged blackbird
Eastern meadowlark
Yellow-headed blackbird
Brewer’s blackbird
Great-tailed grackle*
Bronzed cowbird
Brown-headed cowbird
Orchard oriole
Hooded oriole
Bullock’s oriole
Scott’s oriole*
House finch
Pine siskin*
Lesser goldfinch*
American goldfinch
House sparrow

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