14 November 10

Shearing Day

Jacob sheep, pen and ink I took a friend down to Meridian Jacobs farm yesterday to see the sheep shearing. Robin Lynde has about 60 Jacob sheep but there were other sheep too, brought in to take advantage of the speed and skill of a master shearer.

Wensleydale sheep, pen and ink It is very hard to sketch a sheep during the process of shearing because it all happens so quickly, and the sheep is turned left, right, over — but this sketch gives a sense of that in an odd way. This was a dark silver Wensleydale ram whose name is Marley. You don’t shear the forelocks on Wensleydales and after he was shorn I went over to say hello. He is a gorgeous fellow with wrinkles on his nose and came right up to me in the friendliest way. Rasta sheep…

I bought a lambskin from Robin, some Jacob horn buttons, and a beginning weaving book.

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  1. :-)

    dale    14. November 2010, 12:46    Link
  2. I like seeing your sketches here and your bird blog. You are very talented. I’m glad that you could come yesterday.

    Robin    14. November 2010, 18:16    Link
  3. Great sketches. I noticed you sketching while the shearer was working.

    Tina    14. November 2010, 22:02    Link

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