18 July 09


Ali at spinning wheel I spent the day at Meridian Jacobs farm near Dixon today, learning how to spin on a wheel. I had a blast and spun lots of yarn and even plied some. Hoping to do a lot more tomorrow. The instructor lent me a wheel to bring home but I haven’t done much tonight, I’m tired.

Charlie Cat and spinning wheel Charlie’s tired too.

Yarn I spun today We carded, learned to draw out the fibers from the roving or batt, learned how to spin them tightly and let the spin travel up the drawing-out. I tried two different wheels and hope to try a third tomorrow. The hardest part is to spin a consistent width, and especially to keep that small. I am doing better with this next round and will try and post a photo of the finished product tomorrow. At right is the first attempt. I know it looks like a giant squid. Hoping for better…

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  1. Sounds like you had loads of fun. Have you cleared a space for your wheel yet? Because you are getting one, aren’t you? :)

    maria    19. July 2009, 10:49    Link
  2. What could be better than a giant squid?

    Ron Sullivan    19. July 2009, 15:17    Link

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