9 July 09

Two Weeks

It’s been a fortnight since I arrived in Maine. I didn’t quite make it to mum’s hospital the night I arrived, the plane was delayed, but got in the following morning as early as possible, to find her alert despite narcotics, positive, and with various tubal protrusions.

Tonight, she had a glass of Coppola claret with me, here at home, picking up pens she’s dropped off the floor with a miraculous contraption known as a “grabber” and laughing.

There are other journeys ahead, but I think we’re ready to take them. The knowledge of this, in itself, was plenty reason to come. There have been many others, like making sweet potato ravioli with Simon (aged 8) last night, the song of the wood thrush in the morning, the feeling of rain on my face. Small miracles.

I am ready to go home and back to the drought of California and fiscal emergency and two purring cats. See you back there.

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  1. (o)

    dale    9. July 2009, 19:34    Link
  2. Oh, good to hear that upbeat note in your voice after all the worries. Good strength to your mother and to you and may the small miracles continue!

    marja-leena    9. July 2009, 19:41    Link
  3. It will be good to have you back in our time zone.

    Susan    10. July 2009, 08:33    Link

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