23 February 09

Drawing Davis

I’ve been meaning for some time to draw people’s attention to the staggeringly excellent Urban Sketchers blog, a place where talented artists around the world post, collectively, their sketches of urban life. This exciting project was probably inspired in no small measure by the Worldwide Sketchcrawl movement, which although not self-described urban has certainly featured a lot of urban settings. The work on Urban Sketchers, though, is extraordinarily high quality, and a welcome other window onto the world than the lens of a digital camera.

Long-time followers of Feathers of Hope know we both sketch, but these days I do mostly birds and Numenius does mostly cats. Another Davis sketcher, though, is a charter member of Urban Sketchers: Pete Scully.

Pete is featured in today’s Davis Enterprise. Big shout out to Pete! Keep them coming!

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  1. cheers for the shout out!

    petescully    24. February 2009, 10:43    Link
  2. That IS a great site.

    Rana    24. February 2009, 19:56    Link

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