11 February 09


vest design, watercolor Taking this woodwork class (last week I glued the pieces of my breadboard together, tomorrow I should be planing and sanding as well as perhaps rounding corners) has reinforced to me how much working by hand involves putting pieces together, whether they be fabric to be sewn together, brush strokes, pieces of wood or metal, letter strokes, knitting pieces. It helps to look at a two-dimensional surface and be able to translate it into its three-dimensional glory.

I am finding myself mesmerized by shape, and color. The almond tree is blooming; that soft pink around the center, five perfect petals, surrounded by soft white, against a tangle of gray-brown with a brilliant cerulean behind it all… the chest and head of a house finch as it takes a bath in brown water with newly brilliant green grass behind it. This is stuff I see all the time, but I am newly alert to it again. Smooth on rough, orange on blue.

I’m a designer and I’ve been missing things. Sometimes it takes the gray of February to see them again.

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  1. I like the idea that working by hand is “putting pieces together” – so simple, but so true.

    Rana    12. February 2009, 07:01    Link
  2. Oh. Not to mention bookbinding….

    Pica    12. February 2009, 10:15    Link
  3. Ah, I knew you must be a designer or artist! Did you design this vest and are you going to knit it?

    I think creating things with our hands seem to make our eyes more sharp to the world around us.

    marja-leena    12. February 2009, 16:08    Link
  4. Photography’s been doing similar things to me. That, and losing patience with slippery, unrewarding words. (Have a look at the head of my Flickr stream for some glorious rain, e.g.)

    Ron Sullivan    12. February 2009, 21:24    Link
  5. Marja-Leena: yes, I designed it. I’d like to knit this vest. I’m going to do one first in cheap yarn because I’m not sure how the steeking (cutting) will work, plus it will resolve some of the size/fit issues. Maybe.

    Ron, I’m not sure how to get to your Flickr stream?

    Pica    13. February 2009, 10:20    Link
  6. Hmm. I enjoyed this splash of colour but it’s set me thinking about something to do with putting things together by hand…..

    CdV    19. February 2009, 11:34    Link

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