22 September 08


Pile of books We’re starting to accumulate a small pile of books we’ve bound. I am quite enjoying the paper in the “Ideal Sketchbook” — Kelly Classic — for pen and ink. I think this may become my main bird sketchbook.

Numenius has been dazzling me with his new binding skills. Headbands and everything. I have no idea where this is leading but we’re both enjoying it. It’s companionable and that’s unusual for what is often a solitary activity.

Our trip to Art Ellis in Sacramento and lunch at Tapa the World (they catered Chris and Karen’s wedding — we were impressed then; we were impressed again on Saturday) yielded the following conversation at the next table:

“Mauritania. Sand. Lots of sand.”

“Do you get robbed there?”

“No, I got mugged in Rio. Machete.”

“I know a guy who got mugged in Rio by machete.”

“Really? Who?”


“Christian left Rio a few hours before I got mugged on the beach by machete.”

“You’re kidding! You mean he took your story?”

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  1. Hahahahahahaha! They sound like I try to avoid sounding – pith helmeted competitive purveyors of the “exotic”.

    evve    23. September 2008, 03:40    Link
  2. Don’t you just love eavesdropping?!

    Blue Bicicletta    25. September 2008, 20:38    Link

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