13 April 13

Back From Juneau and Still Sketching

Imagiknit and Samovar Tea Room I had a great time in Juneau with family and got back a couple of days ago. I wasn’t sure I’d be up for any more running around but today was the 39th Worldwide Sketchcrawl and we decided to go to San Francisco on the train.

Imagiknit I switched from purple to brown-black and the Uni-ball Signo pen is almost waterproof, which makes a very different kind of drawing. Not quite as soft as the purple that bled into every wash I laid down, but not as harsh as black. I really like it. I spent some time sketching at Imagiknit.

Pete, landscapes from train Traveling down on the train with Pete Scully we talked about how we tend to draw things always facing the same way (in my case, I almost invariably sketch birds facing left; he always draws streets pointing right; Numenius always seems to draw cats facing right). It is a neurological thing and seems worth working on because you can discover new things, like when you draw with your non-dominant hand. At right is a sketch of Pete. It is not a good likeness, but in my defense he moved just as I was drawing his face. We also talked about how there’s a move afoot to get “Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead” to number 1 in the British charts but everyone’s downloading different versions in a predictably British way.

In the Castro At our sketchcrawl meetup in the Castro I heard a man with a blonde child on his shoulders singing “Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead.” I couldn’t pass up the chance to stop him and say we’d just been talking about that on the train. Turns out he’s from Dorchester, and his parents were from Barnsley, which Thatcher pretty much demolished, so he sang with feeling and gusto.

Bus, train, Castro, Ferry Buiilding gull We got home later than we’d planned, having just missed the Amtrak bus from the Ferry Terminal, but the bonus was… more sketching. It’s a fantastic city, it was a beautiful day, and we had an excellent time.

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  1. Great post, and terrific sketches! My favs are the yarn shop and the portrait of Pete. Accuracy matters less I think than capturing a feeling.

    Like the new pen too.

    Beth    14. April 2013, 18:30    Link
  2. I love the sketches, especially in a sequence of frames like this – a kind of slowed down version of life moments, a drawn movie. Imagine how many frames there would be if you’d done this evry day since you were a child!

    Natalie    16. April 2013, 08:52    Link
  3. Thank you Beth and Natalie! Yes, Natalie, the mind boggles about what it would have been like to do this daily since I was a child. I’d probably a) become much better at draughting; b) saved myself a ton of money in therapy.

    Pica    16. April 2013, 09:16    Link

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