20 February 13

It's Lambing Season

Jacob ewe and lambs I went over to Meridian Jacobs this afternoon to sketch the first of this year’s lambs, which were born last night. Their mothers were very wary of me and stamped the ground, but I sat on a bucket quietly and made no sudden movements, and they settled down and started eating or just resting.

Jacob ewe and lambs Robin had put fresh straw out in all the indoor pens and the sheep were all comfortable and snug. It’s astonishing that creatures not yet 24 hours old think it’s an appropriate thing to do to jump vertically, because they were all trying it, the lambs. Their suckling isn’t very vigorous yet but they have the tail waggle down for sure.

Jacob lamb Three sets of twins… lots more ewes will be lambing over the coming days. Robin’s going to be busy. Glad I got the chance to head over there and sit quietly…

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