25 October 10

Weaving for the World Series

weaving at Meridian Jacobs I had a two-day weaving workshop this weekend at Meridian Jacobs with Robin Lynde (who also taught me to spin). Robin took one look at my Giants Ishbel and handed me some black and orange yarn to weave with. There wasn’t quite enough of the orange to make a scarf-length piece so I added some gray at either end (all of the wool is from Robin’s Jacobs sheep).

weaving at Meridian Jacobs My mind is still spinning with the language of weaving and the giddy sense of how fast it moves in terms of fabric length. I tried several patterns (plain weave, twill, broken twill, and pebble weave, settling on broken twill for the scarf). The warp is all black except for four strands of gray either edge.

weaving at Meridian Jacobs I got home just in time for the first pitch on Saturday night, having woven about 5-6” of orange. Orange and black. The Giants won their game and the pennant, moving on to the World Series. I went back yesterday and finished my scarf, which I now have to full (wash and agitate a little to get the wool to settle).

Go Giants. (And thanks, Robin, for an excellent weekend and for these photos.)
weaving at Meridian Jacobs

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  1. Wowie Zowie! That’s lovely.

    Thanks for nudging me out the door to the Spindles and Flyers meeting. I really enjoyed myself.

    Crazy badness happening in my life just now — Robb fractured a vertebra yesterday. Luckily no spinal cord involvement. But really!? Who breaks their back twice?

    Lisa and Robb    26. October 2010, 20:06    Link
  2. I sent those photos before my computer died due to a power outage. I haven’t been able to do my blog, etc. Hopefully I’ll get my computer back today or tomorrow.

    Robin    27. October 2010, 08:32    Link
  3. {{{{{{{LIsa and Robb}}}}}}}

    Robin, thanks again for the photos and for such a wonderful time. sorry about the power outage, but hope you’re up and running soon!

    Pica    27. October 2010, 09:06    Link
  4. Lovely photos – you look so much at home in that setting. And I like your new short haircut!

    Natalie    27. October 2010, 12:31    Link

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