17 July 10

Spinning: Different Day, Different Cat

Diego while I spin Charlie while I spin

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  1. Love it! That could be me with my laptop on any given day…

    Lorianne    17. July 2010, 13:46    Link
  2. Do you ever get cat fur in the yarn?

    Rana    19. July 2010, 12:05    Link
  3. Wow! Looks like you’re getting really good at this! (I like how the yellow cat matches the yarn.)

    beth    19. July 2010, 14:51    Link
  4. Lorianne: how many cats in your household now? and are some of them more prone to walking on the keyboard than others?

    Rana: Yes. But I get it out again before I spin it in…

    Beth: I haven’t done any for a while and it’s just wonderful, I’m so happy spinning.

    Thanks everyone for your comments!

    Pica    20. July 2010, 17:15    Link
  5. This makes me S M I L E

    At first look, I thought you were spinning kitty fur!

    Andrea Mummert    22. July 2010, 10:49    Link
  6. Late to comment, but had to say how adorable those cats are, not to mention happy!

    maria    4. August 2010, 08:55    Link
  7. How many cats do you have? I bet you love them and sleep with them sometimes?

    samanthasears33    17. October 2010, 00:11    Link

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