17 June 10

One Week Behind The Jabulani

We’re deep in the trenches of following the World Cup, and will be in that mode for the next three weeks. Mexico’s win today 2-0 over France has brought the most satisfaction of any match to date; with 44 matches remaining in the tournament more delights and disappointments are surely to come. Not having a television I am quite happy that ESPN Radio has stepped up to broadcasting all the matches on radio. The flip side of this intense focus on the sport one month out of every four years is I don’t really have much access to following top-flight soccer the other forty-seven months. It’s a tad of a predicament.

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  1. I think there’s plenty of top class soccer from around the world broadcast on the BBC World Service, still available on shortwave :-) Probably also streamed on the web. I remember that a lot of the big African soccer tournaments had live commentary in English on the Africa service.

    rr    18. June 2010, 04:47    Link

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