7 July 10


Spain face Germany in a few hours. Like Maradona and his rosary beads, elaborate wardrobe shifts, and no doubt favorite drawers, I am filled with the irrational urge to don a red shirt, but wonder whether that will jinx the team.

Many athletes have elaborate superstitious rituals some of which border, like Maradona’s, on the theatrically absurd. Fans do as well. I’m trying to resist, trying to talk myself out of it. But what I’ve noticed for sure is that my syntax has become more British in the fast three weeks. It’s something to do with the language of football and I don’t think it’s a superstition, it’s more elemental.

So do I believe Paul the Octopus in his prognostications? do I believe they are always flawed when he is pitching Spain against Germany? Sigh. To any non-soccer types reading the blog, at least it will all be over soon, one way or the other.

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  1. Oh the exquisite agony. We’re off to our German friends to watch the match with their Spanish friends. J is very superstitious about pulpo Pablo.

    rr    7. July 2010, 09:08    Link
  2. Well, I’m wearing my red shirt. Couldn’t stop myself.

    Pica    7. July 2010, 09:10    Link
  3. The red shirt worked.

    vlantry    7. July 2010, 23:21    Link
  4. Paul was right!

    rjhall    9. July 2010, 06:13    Link
  5. And…. Paul picked Spain for the final! Oh the agony.

    Pica    9. July 2010, 06:57    Link
  6. I liked red much, its my favorite color soo I barely agreed with it :p

    Manny Sarmiento    17. October 2010, 04:39    Link

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