29 June 10

And Then There Were Eight

We get a bit of a breather until the next World Cup matches; the quarterfinals don’t begin until Friday. I’m not quite sure how I will deal without this diet of twice or thrice-daily footie matches. In the quarterfinals I am rooting for Netherlands over Brazil, Germany over Argentina, Spain over Paraguay, and am indifferent in Ghana vs. Uruguay (it will be neat seeing either team in the semis). I’m afraid attending to what is happening in baseball is quite difficult now. The two sports are just on completely different elemental planes of action, especially when you compare the intensity of the World Cup to the middle of a baseball season.

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  1. And here I just found out that the Tour de France starts on Saturday. We’re doomed.

    Pica    30. June 2010, 07:31    Link
  2. My gosh! If you count your indifference game as describing a draw decided on penalty kicks, then in every case your wish was the World Cup’s command, including a major upset!

    Um, whom do you like in the semis?

    Peter    3. July 2010, 20:08    Link
  3. I’m pulling for Spain over Germany and Netherlands over Uruguay, if only to ensure that someone new wins the whole deal.

    Numenius    5. July 2010, 20:44    Link

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