15 July 12

This Week, Not on Facebook

accordion-fold sketchbook, Sketchcrawl 36

1) I went to the Delta, twice, to sample ducks for avian flu. The second time we saw a mink run across the path and I strained my left large toe trying to extricate my foot in a wader from some black mephitic ooze.

2) I wore some lipstick, for the second time in about five years, to a retirement party. It lasted through half a glass of lemonade, so I feel it doesn’t really count.

3) I started rereading Ulysses.

4) I got stung by two bees in the sunflower field while looking for the runaway Charlie in 104° heat (Charlie’s escapades did appear on Facebook, thanks for the mojo everyone). The second bee sting left a big red welt under my right eye which has still not really gone away.

5) Our hot water heater was leaking gas and had to be replaced. This is very bad if you’ve been sloshing around in, and then fallen into, mephitic ooze (see 1 above) and need to get ready for a retirement party with lipstick (see 2 above). Showers trump lipstick in this case. (Actually showers trump lipstick in all cases.) (Lipstick also does nothing to distract from large red bee sting welts, either.)

6) The pocket gophers have eaten three eggplants, two chile plants, one green pepper, three tomato plants, and are working on what’s left in that patch. They seem to be avoiding the basil, which is something of a consolation.

7) Charlie is never going out again without a leash if I can help it, so he will not be available for gopher control. This patch may be a lost cause.

8) I have spun yards and yards of merino silk but the bobbin seems never to grow. I am strongly reminded of Penelope.

9) During yesterday’s Sketchcrawl, which WAS on Facebook and is pictured above, I felt all smug when I actually knew what Pete was talking about when he invoked the famous Uruguay World Cup team of 1930 in Paris. I’m still not sure Spain’s light blue alternate kit is a homage to that team (why would it be?), but it’s fun to think about.

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  1. This list was quite interesting! Surprised by the lipstick, sorry about bee stings and toe, glad about Ulysses, amused by Penelope, wondering how big is a pocket gopher?

    Beth    24. July 2012, 19:15    Link
  2. Thanks Beth! A comment!

    A pocket gopher is about as big as a small rat, but not as round. Big enough to do some serious damage, obviously.

    Slowly making my way through Ulysses, it’s nice not to be rushing. I’m at the funeral.

    Pica    25. July 2012, 06:42    Link

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