29 April 11


The dress was lovely and all, but really today’s been all about the hats, about Victoria Beckham’s superglued-to-the-forehead hat to mimic her pregnant bump (she looks so sour ALL of the time and who can blame her with that double whammy) and the astonishing blue vulva hat and the revival of the Fascinator. But the prize goes to Princess Beatrice’s concoction which I’ve read of today as a reincarnation of Cthulhu, Mickey Mouse on acid and the Eye of Sauron, to mention just the tip of the iceberg.

My poor father would be rolling in his grave if he knew I was paying attention to any of this. From the north of England and of staunch anti-monarchical stock, he was of the opinion that all queens did was sit around and look beautiful, that they were sucking the coffers dry and a disgrace to democracy.

And yet… I had to wear a hat once. To Buckingham Palace. A dark green faux Russian faux fur hat, it was, something we picked up at Selfridges on the way, because you needed to wear a hat when your father was getting an OBE. (You didn’t, it turned out.) We arrived at the palace in a borrowed jag with Bob the borrowed chauffeur and emerged to lines of waiting and lines of recipients of the royal pleasure. I have no idea what went through my father’s head as he waited in morning dress in the antechamber before heading out to meet HM who referred to him in the document received as “our most beloved and loyal subject” but I did get an overwhelming sense of the number of people it must take to get this kind of thing to run smoothly on a daily basis, quite a bit more involved than just sitting around and looking beautiful, in the end.

These kinds of people were apparently absent when Beatrice was getting dressed this morning because her Cthulhu hat facebook page now has more than 50,000 fans. People are saying it’s Fergie’s way of flicking the vees/flipping the bird at the palace. Who knows. I wish I owned more hats than just baseball hats and straw gardening hats and chullos for birding in cold places, though, even if I never had anywhere to wear them. Maybe I need a Cthulhu hat after all.

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  1. Note also the huge thing atop the head of Camilla, step-ma to the groom. It looked like an enormous mushroom cap that was tipping off its stem. And yes, you’re right. Beatrice gets first prize for the royal who most successfully slipped her personal wardrobe minder. Princess Anne ran a close second, however. Whom do such people listen to while they shop for this stuff?

    Susan    30. April 2011, 06:46    Link
  2. I watched some of it on TV but I get so annoyed by the royal brouhaha – I totally agree with your late father. I don’t know about looking beautiful (they don’t) but the disgrace to democracy is true. I know many people think there’s some sort of national pride/identity in the whole ritual of royalty but I just don’t get it and disapprove of it. Watch that alternative video I’ve linked to for a more fun alternative wedding entrance.

    Natalie    1. May 2011, 10:58    Link

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