21 January 10

Joyce While Spinning

I’ve started listening to Ulysses while working on some hand-dyed (not by me) merino wool. I’m planning fingering/sock weight. It’s beautiful at least in singles, we’ll see what it looks like plied.

I couldn’t get the second CD to work for some reason and am a thwarted Joycean. Loving the language, the exuberance.

It’s still raining.

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  1. Funny, before I got to “we’ll see what it looks like plied,” I thought the phrase “it’s beautiful at least in singles” applied to the Joyce. I started Ulysses in text, but did not finish — it did, however, inspire the start of a still ongoing file of words to look up…

    Andrea Mummert    23. January 2010, 11:15    Link
  2. When I was in school, there was a group of grad students did regular readings of Ulysses. Everyone was invited, except everyone that came – was expected to read. Well, reading one part is easier than reading the whole thing!

    Aaron    9. February 2010, 17:07    Link

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