10 May 09

Bistro Nagini

Bistro Nagini aka Bistro 33 At left is the sign for a rather poncy restaurant in downtown Davis. There are some things you shouldn’t do to threes.

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  1. Oh. Definitely not.

    dale    11. May 2009, 03:42    Link
  2. I couldn’t have said it better myself! They look like they’re melting.

    rjhall    11. May 2009, 19:44    Link
  3. Well, having spent a very hot day in Davis last Sunday, I am not surprised to see those threes melting…

    maria    12. May 2009, 09:30    Link
  4. Yes. I thought they looked like the serpents in Prince of Egypt, myself.

    Pica    12. May 2009, 09:31    Link

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