12 November 07


Went back to Cordelia this afternoon. I saw people looking in pools as I arrived. I went up and there, in the first pool I got to, were about twenty surf scoters. Swimming. Clean, washed, waterproof, and swimming. I sketched one quickly. Have you seen the grebes, I was asked. No.

Eared grebes, and horned, fluffballs in a pen in the back close to cover.

I lost it.

Lots of birds, now, pens everywhere. There are nearly 700 of them. People are starting to get really tired, but they’re not quitting… Ran into Ron and Joe who were dropping 17 birds off from Brooks Island… this was their fifth run up to Cordelia.

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  1. And I drove west on I-80 with tears running down my face. Good gods, they’re beautiful, those birds.

    Ron Sullivan    12. November 2007, 21:52    Link
  2. Free of oil,
    the surf scoters swim in circles
    around the pool.

    Dave    13. November 2007, 04:34    Link

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