11 November 07

Prima Materia

Prima Materia There comes a time in a chocolate lover’s career when one realizes that sugar is basically an adulterant. Today I tried the Prima Materia bar from Dagoba Chocolate, makers of the previously discussed Xocolatl bar. A single block of this unsweetened 100% cacao content bar is almost too much to eat at one time.

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  1. A recent New Yorker (the Halloween cover one) has a long article about Dagoba’s founder, a Boulder, Colo., ski-bum type who got it into his chemically enhanced head to make chocolate bars . . . and succeeded. Succeeded so well, in fact, that he sold out to Hersey’s. Don’t know if that will ultimately affect the taste and/or quality of what up to now has been really, really good chocolate. (The NYer story also has lots of fascinating info about Brazilian cacao growers.)

    Babz    11. November 2007, 22:32    Link

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