12 December 07

Little Things

articulated invertebrate: colored pencil For the “Little Things” theme in Illustration Friday. This creature emerges from decomposing piles.

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  1. Nice drawing. Interesting subject – nice surprise.

    pixo    12. December 2007, 22:31    Link
  2. Very nice drawing.

    kstyles    13. December 2007, 07:33    Link
  3. I never knew a maggot could be so pretty. Amazing!

    studio lolo    14. December 2007, 09:04    Link
  4. Thanks everyone! It was fun to do. Now I want a dissecting microscope.

    Pica    14. December 2007, 13:56    Link
  5. Catching up after a long break from blogwatching. I admit to not knowing which end is the head here — facing right?

    I too would love to have my own scope at home.

    Cyndy    3. January 2008, 08:17    Link

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