12 February 05

Day of the Long-eared Owls

Long-eared owl on branchToday we headed south with Sami and Richard to Mercey Hot Springs in Little Panoche Valley to look at long-eared owls, a species neither Pica nor myself have seen. For the past several years, this resort has been the site of a winter roost of these birds, who in daytime hours perch halfway up the interiors of the tamarisk and pine trees. Long-eared owl

The birds couldn’t have been more cooperative. The second one we saw was posed nicely for a sketch, so I went back to the car and got my drawing materials and our scope.

Panoche Hills
After one full sketch and several details of this bird, I went up the hill to do a quick painting of the Panoche Hills on this beautiful partly cloudy day.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to head up that way.

    Chris Clarke    13. February 2005, 07:15    Link
  2. Very cooperative! Love the first sketch especially.

    Coup de Vent    14. February 2005, 09:30    Link

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