4 March 07

Day Of Accomplishments

Yesterday we were busy — I helped break a world record and Pica passed her ham radio licensing exam! The world record was for the longest bicycle parade. The previous record was 614 bikes; we ended up with 913 bikes in the parade. The parade was organized by the UC Davis undergrads on the occasion of the final home basketball game of the season. It started off at the track and old football stadium on the east edge campus and wended its way a couple of miles through campus to end up at the basketball pavilion. It took us about a half-hour to get us out of the track leaving single file, and we moseyed along at maybe 7 miles per hour. The mayor of Davis officiated at both the start and finish, and there were cheerleaders en route.

Meanwhile, Pica was taking a one-day ham radio class sponsored by the Yolo Amateur Radio Society with a licensing test at the very end of the day. The class consisted of a grueling series of videos, and the exam was 35 questions multiple-choice. She passed, and in a week or so will receive her official call sign from the FCC!

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