25 August 11

Common Ringed Plover

common ringed plover, watercolor We have another national rarity here in Davis. This common ringed plover has been hanging around for a week, very cooperatively. Given the rule of shorebirds that they stay for a day, three, or seven, we may be lucky if it hangs around tomorrow, but who knows.

Common ringed plover, watercolor This bird looks different every time he turns around. A major diagnostic feature is a white supercilium, but this is concealed in many lights. I did get to see a foot with a lack of webbing, separating the bird from the semipalmated plover conclusively.

I was working on illustration board which was not happy about my watercolor washes. But I do love my new watercolors: Schminke. It’s Roz’s fault.

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  1. These are fabulous!

    rjhall    25. August 2011, 18:07    Link

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