20 April 13

Green Heron Fishing

Green heron, pen and wash This heron was working in and out of the ricrack along the arboretum waterway. It caught several fish during my 15-minute sit…

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  1. Somehow your use of watercolor seems more vibrant since the trip – or is that an illusion? I like this heron a lot!

    Beth    20. April 2013, 17:15    Link
  2. hanks, Beth. I think in this case it’s because I was using a very slick paper (and too much water, but I liked the effect)

    Pica    21. April 2013, 06:56    Link
  3. This´╗┐ kind of bird is indeed clever.There is also another clip in which it uses bread crump as a bait.

    essayswriters.org    16. June 2013, 01:57    Link
  4. Can’t belive have not been following your blog for so long. And then, it is wonderful to see how you are still communing with the visitors in your environment. This is a great study. Hope all is well with you.

    Gail    15. September 2013, 00:44    Link

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