24 October 13

Birds in the Oleander

Orange-crowned warbler, pen and wash ! I’ve been working since July in a temporary building between the Domes and the student farm, both of which are unkempt paradises for birds. There’s an oleander right outside my south-facing window. I’ve been getting some birds perching in the shrub and looking in at me, as well as a Western fence lizard, which uses the insect screen as a super-highway.

Golden-crowned sparrow, pen and wash The orange-crowned warblers are here in numbers just now and the sparrows are all coming in and singing, as they will all winter.

We are moving to a new building in a couple of weeks. It’s by the freeway, it’s in an industrial park and, well, it’s not unkempt. There will be fewer birds. But I’m taking my sketchbook along anyway…

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