19 March 10

Great-Horned Owls

Great-horned owl, pen and ink I walked over to the Raptor Center at lunch with two coworkers. The great-horned owls seemed to be in the spots they always choose — I guess they mark their territory even in the round enclosure.

Great-horned owl, pen and ink There were some people there who were trying to get good photos of the raptors. They were making noises and banking on cages to try to get the birds to look at them. This makes me sick and I had to say something.

great-horned owl, pen and ink This young female owl has been in the owl enclosure for nearly two years, but she still has her “spot” at eye level rather than in the rafters. I’m guessing it will always be that way now.

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  1. ugh, people are horrible sometimes. I like the centers that have 2 layers of fencing – one for the animals, one for the people.

    marissa    19. March 2010, 17:03    Link

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