6 March 09

Turkey Vultures

Turkey Vultures kettling, graphite Sun today, great weather for Friday bird sketching at lunchtime… we saw these turkey vultures kettling, finding an updraft. They were joined by a red-tail or two and three red-shouldereds.

Turkey vultures, Raptor Center, graphite They all moved off, though, so we headed into the Raptor Center for some close-ups. Trying to stay loose, I brought along a normal #2 pencil. The least intimidating of tools.

Turkey vultures, Raptor Center, Derwent Colorsoft The two turkey vultures at the Raptor Center are fairly mellow and allow prolonged close scrutiny. The sun was catching bluish green iridescence in their feathers…

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  1. The colored piece looks like a cover for a Poe work! :)

    Teresa    9. March 2009, 19:20    Link

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