13 November 07

Surf Scoter and Eared Grebe

Clean surf scoter and eared grebe, swimming I saw birds swimming yesterday, birds that had been heavily oiled and were now clean and waterproof and swimming in pens.

I drew this surf scoter and eared grebe quickly, trying to stress the birds out as little as possible.

Then I cried.

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  1. One trip there today, around 7PM. Must be slowing down; people were actually sitting down and eating, over in one corner.

    Now that the adrenaline is ebbing, the hurting starts, along with the relief for the live individuals. Feels like a limb “gone to sleep” is recovering sensation, all pins and needles and the odd spasm.

    I have never seen more beautiful birds than those grebes and ducks and murre, last night, swimming in those pools.

    Ron Sullivan    13. November 2007, 22:27    Link
  2. {{{Pica}}}

    rr    14. November 2007, 00:30    Link

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