9 November 07

Surf Scoter

oiled surf scoter, pen and ink This is what a surf scoter looks like, oiled. It doesn’t smell good either. This female is waiting in a warm pen till she’s stable enough to wash, probably tomorrow. There were dozens of pet carriers of birds in line to be taken in, weighed, assigned to a warm pen.

Surf scoter and red-throated loon, pen and ink These others are in recovery and they’re able to swim, which is what they’re doing. And a red-throated loon. I don’t know how many of these birds will be this lucky.

Surf scoter, pen and ink There are thousands of affected birds, we’re getting reports. I need to go home now. I’ve been at it since 6:00 this morning. It’s going to be a very long weekend for a lot of people…

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  1. The thing with feathers
    barely recognizable
    under the oil.

    Dave    10. November 2007, 07:31    Link
  2. Shit. So sad and stupid. And while you are dealing with this, news on the radio of a big oil disaster in Russia. But a few people caring and even a few birds saved does matter, in itself and well beyond itself. Take care of yourself. I’m glad you sound as though you know your limits. xxxx

    Jean    12. November 2007, 02:25    Link

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