6 June 12

And so it goes...

Dismembered crow fledgling, Derwent Inktense There’s been a gray fox hanging around the Wildlife Health Center, seen by several people during daylight. On Tuesday we saw a pup, a subadult.

This morning I found this dismembered crow fledgling out back, right next to a pile of fox scat, an obvious latrine. It may be the fledgling we saw last week, or not. This is the fate of many young birds and that any of them make it to adulthood is sort of miraculous.

Drawn with Derwent Inktense pencils with water added, then a second go of dry for the feathers.

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  1. Dear Pica – I love the image of the hand you have here: http://www.magpienest.org/feathersofhope/1115/portrait

    May I ask permission to use it on my website?

    Jason Houle    3. July 2012, 03:18    Link
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