23 May 12

Trip to the East Coast

American robin, pen and wash I haven’t been back to the northeast during spring migration since I left in 1996. Last week was a blur of warbler song and color.

Chimney swift, pen and wash I didn’t manage to sketch the gorgeous male indigo bunting that sat in a bush at eye level for over ten minutes, but once I got over my dumbfoundedness at all of it I started sketching fast. I should know to do this, but I’m going to blame jetlag.

northern parula, pen and wash ovenbird, pen and wash

osprey nest, pen and wash Mount Auburn, Plum Island, coastal Maine. Blackburnians and parulas and yellow warblers and black-throated greens. I can still hear them…

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  1. Wonderful!

    Lorianne    23. May 2012, 15:33    Link
  2. LOVE the Chimney Swift picture!

    Richard Hall    23. May 2012, 15:51    Link
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