23 April 09

Bushtit Nest

Bushtit, pen and ink Seen during our walk around the Arboretum today. It had a piece of bright-orange twine woven in.

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  1. Where in the arboretum? I’ve never seen an active nest before, but I have been wanting to for a long time!

    neil    23. April 2009, 14:13    Link
  2. Neil: it was on the north side of the pond before the western edge. In an oak. They’re hard to see but if you see active bushtits just now follow them, they’ll lead you to the nest eventually

    Pica    23. April 2009, 14:48    Link
  3. Excellent! I’m on my way…

    neil    24. April 2009, 09:38    Link

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