14 April 08


Western scrub-jays feeding: pen and ink The sparrows have gone apart from a few stragglers. The orioles and kingbirds are in; we’re just waiting for the ash-throated flycatchers and blue grosbeaks for the summer crew to have arrived.

These scrub-jays were feeding each other yesterday. A lot of the oleander bushes were cut down by a progressively more zealous gardener (and have provided a lot of light onto a patch that didn’t get much, which is great) but I’m wondering if any nests were victims of the chain-saw. Maybe not: it was still quite early.

Wild turkey, pen and ink The turkeys have returned. This tom was strutting around, his tuft of chest feathers bobbing with each strut.

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  1. Guess you’re still birding in Texas? (I’ll have to check your other blog to see.)

    I especially like the turkey sketches. We had a group (what’s a group of turkeys called…not murder, not flock…?) come through our yard in front of our house a few years ago.

    And, when we were in Newburyport, MA a couple of weeks ago, one crazed tom crossed the street, running, right in front of our car…in the middle of town! Very weird. :)

    Teresa    27. April 2008, 12:28    Link
  2. I’ve missed your blog—and I miss you. Welcome back. Perhaps we can have a tea a snack together. And I’m looking forward to seeing your Texas birds!

    Virginia    28. April 2008, 07:02    Link

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