11 July 10


Ganaste, ganó, ganamos, ganasteis, ganaron.

(I’m still in shock but we are back from Oregon where we saw Rana Rachel and Dan get married in the most gorgeous spot, had a lovely Thai lunch with Dale prior to a focused expedition to Powells, met the Knitting Rabbi as Numenius mentioned, and watched two football matches. One of which was very, very key. It involved my wearing a red shirt and I’m afraid I made a bit of a spectacle of myself in a bar at the Portland airport, but I may well get over it.)

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  1. Glad to know you were with Rachel, saw Dale, and made a red-shirted spectacle of yourself! And the Knitting Rabbi story was precious. I’m meeting up with a mutual friend and his dear wife later this week, and have photos to post eventually of the World Cup celebrations on Montreal’s “Main” – Blvd. St. Laurent – which was virtually stopped for traffic yesterday afternoon by flag-waving fans. Thought of you!

    beth    12. July 2010, 17:49    Link
  2. thanks dear Beth! Can’t wait to see your photos. My Spanish friends tell me it was bedlam last night in Madrid…

    Pica    12. July 2010, 21:44    Link
  3. ¡España!

    Rana    13. July 2010, 00:00    Link

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