10 December 09


We’re now well into the off-season, and one of these days we will need to break out the baseball movies to make it through the winter without ballgames to entertain us. Maybe we’ll even watch some we haven’t seen before. Of course the tropes of these movies will be familiar: sports movies seem to center around the same half-dozen tropes: the Ragtag Bunch of Misfits (Major League), the player on an end-of-career Redemption Quest (For Love of the Game), the Miracle Rally (Major League again)…

The above links are all from a wonderful site that took me only six years to run across, the by-now-quite-misnamed TV Tropes. This is a wiki whose participants have been cataloging all the tropes of creative storytelling they can identify: not just in TV, but in film, literature, poetry, anime, games, theatre, and real life. Completely fascinating. Even A Spot of Tea hasn’t escaped their attention.

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  1. Wow. TV Tropes—gold mine, or quagmire? You be the judge! Now, you’ll have to excuse me; I’m deep into “Did not do the research” . . .

    Babz    11. December 2009, 13:16    Link
  2. There is a page on the site entitled TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life. You be the judge…

    Numenius    11. December 2009, 16:02    Link

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