8 December 09


We cleared off the counter this evening, uncovering, in no particular order:

A DVD of Return of the King (Extended Edition)
An emery board
A sample (2 capsules) of raspberry-flavored Ultimate Omega, which we each ate one of
A cat brush, loaded with diatomaceous earth
Yarns of different lengths
Random thread
Buttons shaped as teapots and cups and saucers
An aluminium wingnut and washer and single washer
A box of kleenex
About 80 end-of-year solicitations
Stitch markers, different colors, materials, functions
A cork
A shrivelled tomatillo
A bottle of Estro Soy capsules
Knitting patterns for twined gloves and a lace shawl
An Exacto knife
A blue-and-white pottery ink pot
Mail from at least 5 months ago
Grains of rice
A stack of Artist Trading Cards
An accordion-fold book of sketches of a wedding we went to a year ago in August…

Sheesh. We should tidy a bit more often.

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  1. :-)

    marja-leena    8. December 2009, 23:13    Link
  2. I love this.

    vlantry    9. December 2009, 06:37    Link
  3. Excellent start on your 2009 time capsule.

    Babz    9. December 2009, 12:42    Link
  4. Quite the treasure hunt! Should you attempt this on one of our counter tops, you might find yourself in an archeological dig…

    maria    10. December 2009, 08:51    Link

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