15 January 08

How to Stay Busy in Winter

photo of gull book jacket We bought a copy of this massive tome yesterday at the UC Davis Bookstore. It’s awe-inspiring. Gulls seem like the last frontier in birding, even more than sparrows…

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  1. Good luck! Lump ‘em all into one species I say!

    richard    16. January 2008, 02:48    Link
  2. Yep, me too. I was trying to work out what the hell a PB1 moult was (prebasic first cycle, I think) last night when the power went out, so I’ll have to keep working on them.

    Pica    16. January 2008, 09:01    Link
  3. Hrmph. I still there ain’t no sech animal as a Thayer’s gull. I can generally pick one out of a crowd but I still don’t believe in ‘em.

    And neither does my six-foot-tall invisible rabbit buddy here.

    Ron Sullivan    16. January 2008, 14:47    Link
  4. I don’t believe in them either. But until the boys in black decide on their mischief, I’m not going to argue.

    We have power back! Huzzay!

    Pica    16. January 2008, 16:49    Link

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