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Potential Categories of Place Blogs (I'm brain-storming here, indulge me, and please ADD OTHERS...) -- Beth

Fish Out of Water
Writing Between Cultures
"Place" and Technology
Place and Spirit
Theology of Place
Nature (Nature diaries certainly seem to be a strong subgenre of place blogs)
Place and the Future

Maybe International should be 'expatriate'? I.e. writing by an outsider to the culture?

I'll add the following:

Architecture and Landscape Design
Urban Culture
Local History

-- Allan

Fred, just saw your blog entry today, thanks for inviting comments from the wider community.

However, I am really uncomfortable with "international" as a category because it implies that city and rural as categories only apply to the United States or at best North America! Allan says there's a cluster of "expatriate bloggers" and Nancy in Chennai and Robert in Japan would certainly come under that heading, but they are also really good on their chosen place. -- Alison

I see your point. But doesn't 'expatriate' rule out those who are not originally from the states but have weblogs about place? Maybe "expatriate and non-US posts about place". And a bit off topic, do we want to find only bloggers and weblogs that are predominantly about place, or solicit posts about place also from bloggers whose overall focus may not be in this direction? I feel this latter inclination. -- (addendum...yes, me! Fred)

Fred (I assume previous poster is Fred?)--not sure why we need a separate category for "those who are not originally from the states but have weblogs about place"--they fit nicely within, presumably, the other categories we have, they just happen to be not here. I'm in favor of trying to widen the focus so it's not so Americanocentric... -- Alison

Oh, I thought it was being suggested earlier (by Allan?) that 'international' be replaced by 'expatriate' which seemed to narrow rather than widen our scope, hence my previous comment. Am I understanding 'drop international' as a category? Sure. I agree, we don't want to exclude non-American weblogs by our categories. Besides, posters will (if desired) be identified in their ID's in the database (or in a blogroll?) by country (right?) and this should suffice to say who's from where. -- Fred

I agree! Get rid of international entirely. I'm with Alison (let's not be Americanocentirc) and also with Fred about including posts from people who sometimes "place blog" and sometimes don't (since that's me!). I was also hoping we'd use the categories less as pigeon-holes and more as a way of describing to visitors the broad range of things place bloggers write about, and that the description (if any) of the blogs themselves could be left up to their authors. Our category list will help them write a brief description, but the descriptions will, I bet, also add new categories to our list. --Beth

If we use these as a way of categorizing place blogs for the place blog database, people should certainly be able to choose more than one to describe their blog. --Allan

How about "Fish out of Water" to describe the "expat" blogs?

I also urge us to make sure that there are not categories that imply US-centrism. In my blogroll, that would make *all* of you "international!"

From the sunny Pacific Southwest (yes...southern British Columbia!)...-- Chris

I LOVE "Fish out of Water" to describe not only "expat" blogs but also travellers. It would even cover people who find themselves in a permanent dislocation from their "place" of abode, for instance, if I found myself living in Los Angeles, I doubt I'd ever feel "at home." I was even going to blog this at some point. -- Alison

[I've replaced the "international" category, above, with "fish out of water"... --alk]

I'll add two:

Familiar Places that Are Stranger than We Know

-- Kathryn Cramer

I see you found us, Kathryn. -- Joel

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