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This page is for listing web resources that concern analysing place as a construct.

Bruce Janz, a Canadian philosophy professor, has an immense bibliography of academic work on place and space at http://www.augustana.ca/~janzb/place/.

This has moved to http://pegasus.cc.ucf.edu/~janzb/place/ -- Ian

His [syllabus] for his class on Representations of Place and Space also has much interesting material.

[Here] is an annotated bibliography for an American studies course at the University of Maryland on interpretation of cultural landscapes.

[A huge collection] of nature writing resources, all of them online. Also, try playing with [this Google search] for more inspiration.
The [The Center for Land Use Interpretation] in Los Angeles is well worth visiting (Culver City, CA), as is its website. Not apparent from the website is the mini-collection, at the onsite {in-place?} bookstore, of books on place.
Some notes by Simon Unwin on analysing architecture are [here], including sections on identification of place and primitive place types.

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