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Hello Ecotone! I've followed your community for a long time, and even, once upon a time, submitted a piece on [soundofplace]'. I'm often very pleased by the original and wonderful works that are published through this page and I respect your work and your community. With the help of a lot of friends, and even some people I dont know, I've put together an online environmental magazine to publish powerful works without cost to the reader, and without need for paper.

The magazine is called [WildThoughts] and we are currently accepting submissions as well as advice. The first publication will be on the 1st of february, and we're accepting environmental fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, author retains all rights and previously published works will be accepted.

I'm a big fan of Ecotone, and I'm looking forward to seeing great work coming out of here in the future. --Hank (staff@wildthoughts.org)

I've moved our discussion from May to RunningDiscussionMay2003 --Allan

I've moved June 2003-December 2004 to RunningDiscussionJuneThruDec03 -- Alison

Speaking of time and place, I just noticed that Ecotone is almost a year old. As a newcomer, I would be interested in hearing regular participants reflect on how the practice of place blogging and your relationship with other ecotone writers have affected your sense of place in the last year. This is particularly interesting to me at the moment because some of my research is gravitating toward place blogging (I¡¯m putting together a short conference paper on the topic for the ¡°Computers and Writing¡± conference (mid-June) and am trying to figure out ways discuss it in my dissertation). Since this conference paper will take a look at Ecotone blogs and offer a kind of overview of place blogging (consider it a bit of free advertising), I would love any input. Just let me know if you¡¯d like to share your thoughts (lindgret at bc dot edu). -- Tim

We seem to be under attack. I just (9/4) found the Ecotone home page had been replaced by a couple of dozen links, and I was discouraged to find a substantial number of pages internally had also been spammed.

The Meatball Wiki describes the problem and offers some suggestions: [here,] but I don't know how the solutions can be applied in practice. I'm happy to fix pages that have been trashed as I run across them -- I guess we all should do that -- but with a computer on the other end doing the trashing, I don't know if we can, even collectively, keep up with the housekeeping.

What now? -- P.

I don't think we can beat this. Let's consider swiftly jumping to a weblog with guestblogging made easy. I know it's counter to a wiki but I'm not sure there is the technology to fight this and we are going to end up losing stuff and contributors. CdV?

When you Google "wiki" you come up with a bunch of sites that require a password to edit a page. Does your software permit that?

December 2004 ...

I have just deleted some more spam. But I want to alert people to a new page, HaiBun. If you would like to post your poetry/prose combinations there, please do! - Alison

January 2005 - Coup de Vent here....

Please let's move this over to a group blog and set it up so it invites guest / new contributors. We could send all current contributors an invitation. Use Blogger perhaps which provides group blogs for free. I know Numenius and others have done heaps of work to keep Ecotone free of this hateful spam but it seems that it comes so frequently that we have lost pages now. Let's give up on a wiki and shift to another medium. I know that's work too. What are the pro's and cons besides the obvious loss of the politics of open community which a wiki provides?

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