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This is the page of collected discussion from the Ecotone blogging community. Every month, on the 1st and 15th of the month, some of us blog on a certain topic. The list of topics is below. We will seed these conversation by reposting what we have posted on our blogs and we invite you to add your thoughts to the discussion. Please note that anyone is welcome to post on any topic, even if it's a long time after the original call, and to join the discussion! Also, please feel free to add topics to dates that don't yet have one allocated...

2005 Topics

2004 Topics

2003 Topics

Photographers please visit PhotographingPlace/Topics for photo subjects.

Allan, if this needs to be set up as a "page" of its own, let me know. I'm not sure how you did the other (July 1) entry. --Beth

I made the link name shorter, see above. Oh -- this wiki software lets you create "subpages", allowing for one level of hierarchy in the link structure. See my example in Sandbox and Sandbox/TestSubPage. Anyway, I think we should put each blog post on separate subpages of the topic page -- I fear we'd end up with an overwhelmingly long topic page if we stuck all the blog post there. -- Allan

Pica and Cassandra here. We've been discussing (in person, over tea!!) some upcoming topics, and would like to suggest the two we've posted above for July 15 and August 1. Comments welcome...

I like the suggestions. And I've added one. ....Coup de Vent.

Excellent! Thanks, C de V. --Beth

Alison here, back from two weeks of East Coast peregrinations... I'd like to add my vote to the "Please remind us of the bi-weekly topic" camp and have a question about the July 1 topic: do we mean How we are defined by the place we live NOW, or how we are defined and shaped by the place we have lived in at some point? I'm thinking about Kurt's excellent Kentucky post (thanks Beth) and I know many of us have a strong sense of the place we spent time living in as children. Perhaps they are two different topics. What do people think? Or should this be an "either"?

I have another thought for a topic that grows out of my recent trip to visit family and also from Coup de Vent's last biweekly entry: Ancestral Place. I'm going to add this to the topic list.

Hi Alison, glad you're back safely! I think the July 1 topic will probably have to be ambiguous or "either" because some people may have already started writing it, but people's posts may suggest another future topic along similar lines. I like your new topic too!

Following our discussions elsewhere, I've removed the "...and Place" from several of the topics listed above. But this has also removed the associated page, since there's a single word now - help?--Beth

I'd just put the "and Place" back, Beth. For the topics where it matters. Drop it for future new ones.

In other news: the twice monthly photo topics have been posted. I've taken the liberty of posting through September at PhotographingPlace/Topics -- I am malleable and can substitute any topic after the first one with sufficient notice and public outcry. -- Joel

How about adding gardens to the subject list? -- Nancy

I just changed Suburbs to SuBurbs and solved the whole "and Place" problem. --Lisa

Brilliant, Lisa! --Beth

I just added a couple of topics today that have been front of mind for me. Recently I have had several visitors to my place here, and their experience of it has changed how I see this place a litte, hence the November 15 topic.

Also, our little island is feeling many pressures from growth, density and other factors leading a bunch of us to thinking about how we protect our place here, find waht is essential and preserve it. So, December 1st's topic. Feel free to change or delete as necessary -- Chris

How about Mythic Places as a a topic - anything from Stonehenge to crop circles to some of the places in Neil Gaiman's book American Gods? -- Ian

I think that's a great idea and might be a topic that would appeal to some readers-who-haven't-written. Anybody else want to comment before we add it to the list? --Beth

I think we should go ahead and add it. Also, from a photo Coup de Vent posted, I'd like to suggest Cemetery as Place -- I'm a serious cemetery hound and I'll bet I'm not alone among the Ecotoners. -- Alison

Thanks, Ali... I had thought of 'death and place' as a worthy topic, but hesitated. Thanks for putting feet on the idea. -- Fred

How about "Leaving a place," and "coming into a place, or finding one"? -- P.

Good idea, P. -- I've added it above, not sure how it's going to look -- Alison

I've been mulliing over several topic ideas. How about "Time and Place"? "Development of Place"? "Imaginary Places"? Food and Place"? I have a lot more, but these are just some suggestions -- Miguel

I have incorporated many suggestions culled from here and elsewhere into the topic list, above. Please everyone feel free to add to this list. The order of topics is somewhat random and can be changed if there's a particularly good reason to tie the time of year in with the topic...--Alison (Dec. 27, 2003)

Thanks, I've linked a couple to parallel photo topics. I do feel it would be a good idea to link written and photo topics - one topic a month for written and photographic works would be a great community production. It would probably help the photos section take off too. I find four topics a month impossible so I am doing the written ones only. Coup de Vent 27/12/03

My 6-year-old's doomed attempt to start a "farm" under some bushes in the yard suggests this topic idea: Secret places ...? -- P

Great idea, P. I've added it, above. CdV?, I definitely think the photo and written sections should be linked. Everyone, anyone: is once a month too seldom? --Alison (Jan 6 04)

Here are three more suggestions -- For July 15, how about "AnniversaryPlace", for a year of writing about place(s)? And anytime ... WeatherAndPlace. And as a sort of summer rerun, how about ... RePlace, an opportunity to look back at any topic in the past year and revisit or embellish it? -- P.

P: great ideas; I've added them, above. (Would you like to make the relevant pages with a short description, as here, of what you had in mind?) --Alison (5/11/04)

I have switched SecretPlaces and AnniversaryPlace so that the Ecotone's first anniversary can be covered with that topic... -- Alison 5/24/04

As an utter newbie seeing this page for the first time, I found the topic list a bit disorienting - dunno if it'd be too much extra effort to keep an updated division between past and upcoming topics, but bigger and bolder year headings would be nice. Also, as the list gets longer, maybe recent topics should be at the top? -- Yami 25/5/04

Hi Yami. Great suggestion. I've divided the years out, above. -- Alison, May 25 2004

I've added three more biweekly topic suggestions starting with Sept. 15, above, since we're out. Please add more suggestions, folks! --Alison, August 31, 2004

Sometimes, ideas are easy. I took the liberty of offering three, but my feelings will NOT be hurt if you don't like them. I meant to ask what folks think about the new places that have sprung up in some cities -- even mine; to see if anyone will share their meditations while sweeping, dusting and scrubbing; and, with the solstice coming up and contributors living all over the English-speaking world, to ask if anyone sees places differently in the funny shadows and highlights you get around the shortest day in the year. But I throw myself on the mercy of the court; if it's too weird, toss it ... P.

Spam weeding courtesy of [RachelStruthers] Wiki Gardening Service

Hurrah for Rachel Struthers! May your bowling scores never waver! I took the liberty of adding FirePlace, APlaceForDreams? and WorkPlace? in hopes of sparking imaginations and reflections ... P.

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