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I've moved the discussion of categories of blogs about place to PlaceBlogCategories. --Allan

Here's a list of questions I raised in an email to Fred the other day. --Allan

Where should the directory of place blogs go? Right now I'm inclined to leave these inside the wiki, and maintain these in wiki-manner (open for anybody to edit, revise, or add). Rather than a single list as we have now, each blog should have its own page, e.g. FeathersOfHope. We can then maintain lists of blogs by attributes e.g. geographic region. And if we developed a standard template for these pages, lists of these blogs could be sorted in any manner, and displayed in a read-only manner outside the wiki.

An opposite alternative to this is to keep the directory in a separate database, and have strong rules about who can access and update the database. For instance, if it were open to additions and edits by the general public, each person would only be able to update their own entries, which likely means we'd need password-protected directory accounts for everybody who wants to make an entry. This get complicated, and I'm not sure is worth the hassle, both ours and our public.

-- Allan

Allan, since you seem to be the person who is managing the wiki and the one for whom the system could become the most hassle, I think you should make this decision. Why not go with the scheme you describe in the first paragraph, and if we run into horrendous problems down the road, perhaps we could restrict access. My instinct is always to trust people and keep a system as open as possible - with our own eyes open and trying to anticipate potential problems. --Beth

That's definitely the wiki spirit -- keep it open and let the community deal with problems (most of which will be unintentional, like incorrectly formatted weblog descriptions). -- Allan

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