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I've opened this topic for discussions and sharings of photographs about place. Sketches, paintings and other visual media are also welcome. - Joel

Bi-weekly Photo Topics have started. Check the calendar at PhotographingPlace/Topics for future topics and how to participate.

PhotographingPlace/WebResources - list of photo archives, etc.

Image Instructions

Just provide the URL, and the image will be inserted inline.

These extensions are recognized: gif, jpg, png, bmp, jpeg

If you have a choice, results are usually best with png for computer generated images, and JPEG for photographic images.


For the sanity of all, I recommend the creation of subcategories that are linked to this page for the photographs. For now, let's divide things by environments (e.g. Chaparral, Timberline, Tundra, Eastern Woodland, Redwoods, Pygmy Forest, Meadows, Swamp, Freshwater Marsh, etc.).








Photographers of Place

[Paths of Light] Joel Sax; Southern California

[Abulafia] John; Columbus, Ohio

[D'log] D'log; England

John's site seem to have been replaced by spammers, anyone with the correct URLs is welcome to replace it...

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