29 April 10

The Fortuitously Delicious Paper

White-tailed Kite, prismacolor I recently moved offices, a chance to toss a lot of stuff that had been lying around and not touched for months or even years. One casualty of my zeal was almost a full ream of a metallic black paper whose name I forget entirely along with its provenance but which I sadly concluded was not going to work for anything.

But I retrieved it from the recycle bin, because I just felt so guilty. Good thing, too. It takes prismacolor and, I have just discovered, pastel like a dream. I don’t have a white version of either one of these to hand to test but I think this could lead to some very dramatic drawings. The paper has a very fine tooth which takes these media superbly well. I just wish I could remember the name of it, I’d buy different colors.

At right, a white-tailed kite in Prismacolor (French Gray); below, a starling and jackrabbit in pastel pencil (Cream). Watch this space.

Starling and jackrabbit, pastel

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